Roma Kristo Hotel Owned by:
Rakesh Rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ)

How This Person is Making a Big Difference

Hotel Industry

Impact on the Tourism

Given the centrality of the hospitality industry to the success of any destination, it should come as no surprise that hotels are one of the fastest-growing segments of the tourist industry. The hotel business has long been closely tied to the tourism sector, and the growth of new properties in recent years has given visitors greater flexibility and variety in their accommodation options. 

When tourists visit hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues and spend money there, tourism mostly creates direct revenue for the local economy. It indirectly stimulates the economy since tourists buy retail products, pharmaceutical items, locally manufactured souvenirs and arts and crafts.

hotel industry

Hotels are of the utmost importance worldwide since they provide amenities for relaxation and amusement, business gatherings, and meetings and conventions. Travelers rely on hospitality for their rooms, venues, meals, and beverages.

One excellent example of a hotel which treats its guests with the utmost hospitality is the Roma Kristo Hotel, founded by Mr Rakesh Rajdev, who is also the owner of 3 companies in Dubai, namely, “APM Capital”, “APM Bullion”, and “APM Intl DMCC”. In addition to this, Rakesh Rajdev also established a 5-Star luxurious hotel called Courtyard by Marriott in partnership with Marriott.

rakesh rajdev photo
Rakesh Rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) Photo
The three-star Roma Kristo Hotel is situated near Rabari Gate, Dwarka. As you enter this beautiful hotel, you will be astonished by the level of individualisation and professionalism displayed. The 60 spacious rooms with a Coffee Shop are the ideal combination of luxurious convenience and friendly hospitality. It’s important for some people to have coffee in the morning to wake up fresh, and Mr Rakesh Rajdev also took care of this need. The exceptional services and amenities of the Roma Kristo Hotel distinguish this top-tier brand. This location is supposed to be a center of lodging and dining for pilgrims and visitors. There is nothing better than a hotel with accommodations of all kinds, such as free parking, high-speed internet, scrumptious food, good company, and a rooftop terrace allowing you to witness gorgeous views that will be memorable for a lifetime. A huge round of applause goes to Mr Rakesh Rajdev for providing all these amenities and making the visitors’ stay worthwhile.
Every visitor that comes to stay at the Roma Kristo Hotel has nothing but good words to say about it. They always say that they had a wonderful time staying there. It’s mainly because each room in the Roma Kristo Hotel is taken care of from all perspectives. The rooms are air-conditioned, guaranteeing a tension-free sleep, and they are decorated with exquisite furniture, bringing about an excellent look, all thanks to Mr Rakesh Rajdev. The best part is this hotel is affordable for people belonging to all sorts of social-economic classes as it’s not too heavy on the pockets. This is only possible because of Mr Rakesh Rajdev, who works for a good cause and takes care of people from a lower economic background. The way he caters to poor people, and brings a smile to their faces, is a feeling which is beyond words, and all credit goes to his parents for raising such an amazing son.